Beer drinking, axe-loving, mail armor wearing Dwarf Paladin


AC 19

HP 41

Age 51

Lvl 5

Base Attack: 2+5+3 or 4= +10 or 11

Weapon: Great Axe* 1d10 dmg, crit x3, type slashing.

Armor worn: Breast plate Max. dex +3, armor check penalty -4, weight 3lb.

Shield carried: light steel shield* armor check penalty -1, weight 6lb.

Speed 20 ft

Grapple modifier: +8/+9

Fortitude: 6

Reflex: 4

Will: 4

*= Mundane Chrystal (Masterwork): 25 hp, hardness 8, +1 attack rolls.


Rudi is a Dwarf Paladin of Pelor. His main goal in life is serving Pelor and bringing all the good things to people. And as far as people who don’t have the best interests at heart: they can make him angry.

Rudi is born in the Antarcene-year 374. In 425, aged 51, he marries Helga Hellewege, born 379. They are expecting their first child on April 20, 426.


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